How can S.L.A.A. help?

Where and how to commence your journey of recovery? Here are some helpful suggestions to get you started.

  1. We recommend the following resources for further information:
  2. Contact us with your questions at 416-486-8201. Leave a message and we will return your call. You can let us know when we can call you back. If someone other than you answers the phone, we will not leave a message. You can also email us at:
  3. Attend meetings. Choose the best meeting that fits your time and schedule. We encourage you to attend at least 6 meetings to see if S.L.A.A. is the right program for you.
  4. Reach out to members at meetings. Many of our members have years of recovery and they can help guide you in your journey.
  5. Purchase literature from our site or from in-person meetings for more information.