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Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Welcome to the Ontario Intergroup website for SLAA. You are not alone.

SLAA Literature

Literature is generally available at SLAA meetings, or individuals or groups can send a cheque or money order to the SLAA Ontario Intergroup address requesting specific literature.

Ordering Literature

You can download the Excel spreadsheet (that calculates the totals for you automatically) by clicking the link below.


Order literature by e-mail at: slaa.ont.lit@gmail.com.
New prices
As of January 2020, prices for literature have changed. Please see the list for current prices.
Shipping and handling
Order pick-up can be arranged in the Greater Toronto Area. Shipping and handling is provided based on actual cost via Canada Post and is determined at the time of order.
Payment Methods
Payments can be made via e-transfer, cheque or money order. Canadian Interac E-transfers should be made to slaa.ont.lit@gmail.com.
SLAA Basic Text Online
To buy electronic versions of the S.L.A.A basic text, vist the SLAAFWS store.
Conference Approved Literature
Click here to view a list of Conference-Approved Literature from SLAAFWS.org.


Books / Misc


Pamphlets: - FREE of Charge
Meeting Starter Kits: - FREE of Charge
Plastic Recovery Chips:
Bronze Medallions:

12 Characteristics - 12 Steps - 12 Traditions - Promises