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Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Welcome to the Ontario Intergroup website for SLAA. You are not alone.

Using Ontario Intergroup's Zoom Account

How does it work?

Meetings that already have a Zoom account can decide to request that Intergroup create a meeting ID on their behalf. Once the meeting is set up and tested, your meeting can opt to cancel their Zoom account, saving your meeting around $22 CAD per month. Your intergroup rep or a trusted servant should reach out to us to get the process started.

Are many groups using this now?

This is a new program, and we're still working out the details. However, the Hamilton group has succesfully converted, and its working well.

How is it different?

Waiting rooms work slightly differently. Groups have two options.

Getting started

Let us know which meeting, day and time, and privacy options you would like.

Contact the Web Admin

The Web Administrator will set your meeting up on our Zoom account for you. To do that, we need to know the following about your meeting.

Day and time

Most meetings use almost the same details for online and in person meetings. If you want to change yours at this time, please let us know. If you'd like the time and day to stay the same, please share those details anyway to reduce any chances of error.

Privacy options

When using Ontario Intergroup's Zoom account, you must use a member passcode. You may provide the existing one to us if you'd prefer, or a new one will be assigned. Also make sure to specify if you want a waiting room or not.

Test your meeting settings

Once the web admin emails you the new settings, you should test the new configuration out. This usually takes less than 20 minutes, and can be done over email.

Publish your new Zoom details

Once you are happy with the settings, notify the web admin that you'd like to update your meeting listing with the new meeting ID and/or passcode as you prefer.

The first meeting

Its recommended to start the first meeting this way a bit earlier than normal. Also it can be helpful if the person who worked with the web admin to set up the new meeting hosts for the first time in order to make sure things are working.

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