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COVID-19 Pandemic Update

As you are likely aware by now, Ontario now prohibits gatherings of more than 5 people with few exceptions. Their news release can be found online at news.ontario.ca. Many SLAA groups have responded by moving online, frequently using Zoom.

Its important to have privacy in mind attending Zoom meetings - by default, Zoom will ask for (and display) your full name. When you first join a Zoom meeting, pay special attention to the "Participants" window. If your full name is shown, you can right click on your name and choose "rename" to correct this. More information about safeguarding privacy and anonymity is available at Zoom's website.

Our sister fellowship SAA has provided their members with good suggestions around anonymity:

  • We trust in the group to maintain our principles and not to record or screenshot the meeting in any way. However, members should note that it is possible for any meeting attendee to screenshot the Zoom discussion, and should choose accordingly about enabling their camera, according to their comfort.
  • If you arrive in Zoom and it automatically includes your last name rather than asking you, it can be easily fixed by a) hover over the bottom of the window and select Participants, b) double-click on your name in the participant list, c) update your name.
  • If you phone into the meeting, your phone number will be shown to the participants. If this makes you uncomfortable, download the Zoom app onto your phone and use it to access the meeting.

Trusted servants and Intergroup representatives, please keep the webmaster and the secretary both updated about suspensions, online meetings, and other details during the pandemic.

Trusted Servants with Zoom meetings - we understand that Zoom has recently made passwords a requirement. Once you've obtained group conscience around whether or not to provide your password publicly on this website, please let us know. It is suggested that if you choose not to share the password on this site, that you should make sure your group's contact information is up to date, and let people know if they can reach out to a contact person to obtain the password.

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M = Men Only Meeting
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O = Open Meeting (allows members and non-members)
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