Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous of Ontario Meeting List

SLAA Literature

Ordering Literature

The literature is generally available at meetings, or you can send a money order to our Ontario Intergroup address, requesting specific literature. Groups are requested to order literature by the Sunday before monthly Intergroup meetings on the last Thursday of month.

You can download a .pdf literature order form or an Excel spreadsheet (that calculates the totals for you automatically) by clicking one of the links below.

Ordering: Order literature by e-mail at:
New Prices: For September 2018, prices for literature changed. All literature orders are now subject to the new literature prices.
Shipping and Handling: A shipping and handling fee of 18% of the order cost will be applied to orders that need to be shipped to your group within Southern Ontario. Shipments to groups outside this area will be charged actual shipping and handling costs.
Payment Methods: Traditionally, groups and individuals who ordered literature would send a cheque to the intergroup literature representative. We are now accepting E-Transfers. Simply use your online bank account to send the money to
SLAA Basic Text Online: To buy electronic versions of the S.L.A.A basic text, vist the SLAAFWS store
Conference Approved Literature: Click here to view a list of Conference-Approved Literature from



S.L.A.A. large paperback (6"x9") with untitled anonymous cover
$20.00 each
Pocket Toolkit $1.50 each

Booklets: $7.50 each.

Anorexia Booklet
Withdrawal Booklet
Working the Steps Booklet
Relationships Booklet

Booklets: $4.75 each.

Triggers as a Resource
Anorexia 1-2-3

Pamphlets: $1.75 each.

Questions Beginners Ask
Introduction to Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
Sex and Love Addiction: 40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis
Suggestions for Newcomers
Setting Bottom Lines
Measuring Progress
Romantic Obsession
Anorexia (Sexual, Social, Emotional)
Withdrawal: Gateway to Freedom, Hope and Joy
Addiction and Recovery
Sponsorship (A Return from Isolation)
Renewal of Sobriety (A worksheet for S.L.A.A members who have had a "slip" or those who are struggling to maintain their Bottom Lines.)

Pamphlets: $0.00 each.

For the Professional: Information about S.L.A.A.
Addicted to Sex? Addicted to Love? (Information about S.L.A.A. for you or someone you know)
Public Information Guidelines
Supporting SLAA the 60/40 Way

Meeting Starter Kits: $0.00 each.

Basic Meeting Starter Kit
Intergroup Starter Kit

Plastic Recovery Chips: $1.50 each

(Available in 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, Desire Chip, Step 1 Chip)


Bronze Medallions: $8.00 each

(Available in single medallions of 1 year - 30 years)