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Ontario Intergroup

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The S.L.A.A. Ontario Intergroup is a non-governing, co-ordinating body that meets to address issues of concern to S.L.A.A. groups in Ontario. Representatives from groups around Ontario attend and participate in service work for the fellowship.

Groups may contribute to Intergroup via PayPal.

Intergroup News

Ontario S.L.A.A. Addresses

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Intergroup Meetings

Group representatives meet on the last Thursday of each month (unless noted otherwise) at:
Our Lady of Lourdes Church
520 Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON M4X 1K8
at 7:00 PM (except: July, August, December)

In the spirit of service, please appoint a group representative and be active in Intergroup.

Intergroup Committees

Intergroup works through committees responsible for such activities as:
- our phone hotline
- literature distribution
- public and professional awareness
- retreats/yearly conferences
- e-mail responders
- maintaining meeting lists
- correspondence

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Meet Your Intergroup Officers

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Donations to Intergroup

What does Intergroup do with donations?

S.L.A.A. Intergroup collects donations from individual meetings to carry out our service work, fund committee activities, and provide direct donations to Fellowship Wide Services (FWS). Please see below for list of our activities.

S.L.A.A. Intergroup:

  • Maintains a current and up to date meeting list on our web site.
  • Annually holds a one day conference in the fall, as well as a weekend Spring Retreat.
  • Provide a forum for participating groups where they may share ideas, exchange - suggestions for growth and promote unity of S.L.A.A. within the Intergroup area.
  •  Assists newly formed groups in the Ontario area.
  • Maintains a P.O. box and telephone service (Hotline) to receive inquiries from those who still suffer.
  • Connect an inquirer with an experienced, sober member of S.L.A.A. who would then encourage or take the newcomer to his/her first meeting.
  • Disseminate meeting lists, information and literature to the professional community such as hospitals, penal institutions, correctional facilities, mental health clinics, rehabilitation centres, courts, juvenile homes and abused family residences.
  • Has a monthly meeting of intergroup officers where group representatives are encouraged to attend and take part in the meeting. Intergroup provides an opportunity for those interested in service work beyond the local group level. Intergroup establishes a regional consensus or group conscience affecting S.L.A.A. as a whole.
  • There is a literature rep that makes all S.L.A.A. approved literature and material available to all S.L.A.A. groups at cost plus shipping.
  • Has a service position of "delegate" who maintains a connection between intergroup and the International S.L.A.A. (FWS – Fellowship Wide Services) office in Texas. We endeavor to send the delegate to the Annual Business Meeting held one a year in the USA.
  • The majority of money collected by Intergroup is forwarded to FWS in Texas.

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